Monday, April 6, 2015

RPGNow "Deal of the Day" - Whisper & Venom Compendium

Holy crap! How did +Zach Glazar NOT give me a heads up that the Whisper & Venom Compendium was going on sale for $5.20 in PDF?

Grab it and enjoy a well designed, localized sandbox.

Damn you Zach! Focus!  ;)

Description from the Lesser Gnome site:
At it core, Whisper & Venom is a table-top role-playing adventure module that can be used, with an absolute minimum number of adjustments or modifications, with most any fantasy role-playing game rule set.  
Whisper & Venom was designed by Zach Glazar. It is written by Zach Glazar and John Hammerle with illustrations and gameplay maps by Lloyd Metcalf. Whisper & Venom also includes contributions from well-known and talented tabletop gaming industry artists, cartographers and sculptors. 
It is intentionally written to be evocative of the style of modules from the early 1980’s while utilizing modern production techniques and materials.
Review by The RPG Pundit

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  1. I recently picked up the boxed set, Bird of a Feather and the First Sentinel, definitely money well spent for a high quality setting and adventures! I particularly like how much detail is given about the NPCs (enough to be interesting, not so much that I feel like I'm reading Dune). The color maps and interior make for a pleasant change in an 'OSR' game supplement too.

    Now I just have to convince my group to set aside the high level campaign for a bit and start a new crop of adventurers.


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