Saturday, December 13, 2014

Time to Brainstorm an Overall Post Title For a Series of Posts that Serve as Follow Ups and Expansions to Brainstorm Podcast Episodes

Damn, that is a horribly long post title, aint it?

This morning I made a post that followed up on and expanded upon the episode of The Brainstorm Podcast that was released last night. The post has been fairly well received and I enjoyed writing it so I'd like to make it an ongoing series of post. So, we need a label. Or a theme.

I've come up with Brain Drippings and Late Thoughts. Not sure if either really hits the bell.

Here's what I'm doing.

Open call.

Give me some ideas as comments to this post. If I decide to go with one of the suggestions, I'll send the commenter in question a $10 RPGNow Gift Certificate. If I choose none of the suggestions, I keep the GC - so make some good suggestions ;)

I'll leave this open until 6PM tomorrow night (Dec 14th)

Yes, you can make more than one suggestion...


  1. Brain Drain (like a storm drain after the brain storm?)

  2. Froth & Foam - Bonus Suds from the Podcast

  3. After thoughts? Last Call? Appendix Pen? Outside the Tank?

  4. In case you want to keep the $100, my 2 cents:

    Brainstorm Redux

    1. i read this at 4 am when i woke to drive the kid to work - 100 bucks?

      thank god it's your typo and not mine ;)

  5. Well, after a storm you get a rainbow... so after a Brain Storm you must have a Brainbow!

  6. Brain Stew
    Brain Brew
    Strange Brew
    Six Pints of Bitter, the World's About to End

  7. I vote for Brain Drain, which I think was the first suggestion. Wait...is this a democracy?

  8. shit - the wife might just have won...

    After Hours


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