Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How I Lost a Day and Other Quirks of Christmas Time

So, last week, due to various events here in NYC (primarily protests) I seem to have lost a day. I started work on Thursday at 6 AM and didn't head back home until nearly noon on Friday. Amazing how much that screws with your internal clock.

My weekend was basically a wash too.

What does all this mean? I'm still playing catchup on this end. I need to forward the info for the Day 3 gift receivers on to their respective gift givers. That makes thirteen matches I need to make and send

I need to actually open my Lulu hardcover box of goodness that has been sitting in the living room since Friday.

I probably should flip through the 5e DMG that arrived yesterday, and then there's the small package of goodness from +Lloyd Metcalf that I haven't even unbagged yet.

At least the overtime from last week will take care of paying for the recent gaming purchases and more ;)

We haven't even mentioned the chores around the house that need to get addressed, have we?

What does that mean? OSR Christmas Day 4 will stay open for comments through tomorrow as I play catch up on my end. Besides, the awesome bundles deserve at least 150 comments :)

Does that mean that the Twelve Days of OSR Christmas is going to run through the end of the month and not rap up before Christmas as planned? Shit, when does anything go as planned?


  1. It's okay. Life happens. At least you're still posting, have steady work and can enjoy being so darned popular

  2. Chores, you say? Errands? My wife sent me to buy ten boxes of Xmas lights for one of the trees before discovering she had blown a series-fuse. This after she idly parked a frozen margarita on the back of my Caverns of Thracia copy (killing offense) and asked "If a minotaur shits in a cave, does one of those dwarves just walk into it and thinks it's a candy store?"

    Bourbon, kill the pain.

  3. Stay safe in all the craziness of protesters and holiday idiocy. I've not seen any televised reports of the protests in your area (I've been busy as well), but hopefully it is not as bad as its origin point.


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