Monday, December 8, 2014

Listen Up! New Episode of The Brainstorm Podcast - We Talk About Wizard Spell Books and More

I'm an avid podcast consumer, as it gets me through my daily commute with some semblance of sanity.

I'm also a podcast host.

The Brainstorm Podcast is a short (30 minutes or less) podcast that I do with +Vincent Florio and +Glen Hallstrom . I consider myself blessed with amazing co-hosts that bring out the best of "my brain" ;)

If you listen and like what you hear, please go to the link above and give us a rating on iTunes. We've gotten some feedback but could always use more.

Our latest episode is #20:  
Join Vince, Glen and Erik this week as they speak about wizards spell books and how to handle them..

They also take a look at how many spells should be given out, and then quickly get off track talking about Priest/cleric spells as well in the mix!

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