Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thoughts of an Idle and Intoxicated DM

So, after 9 rounds at our local pub to celebrate my son's first full time job, I got to thinking.

Basic Fantasy RPG is less than $5 in print, and even ships free if you have Amazon Prime. I now have all that BFRPG offers in print for less than than 20 bucks. Rule book and 5 adventure books. All free in PDF.

I have a year plus worth of gaming goodness with my next campaign if I go with BFRPG, and that's not including what is only in PDF at the moment.

Amazing the clarity that lack of sobriety can bring ;)


  1. Congratulations to your son (and his parents) on the new position. Lesson One: Never let your superior know you're smarter than him. Or taller.

  2. I ordered all the BFRPG stuff from Amazon based on your last blog post...all of it showed in stock...six days later my order is still waiting to be filled and shipped...I cancelled it....anybody know anyplace that ships it immediately? PS I know about the pdfs but at this low cost I'll order copies...

    1. You can also get them from Lulu.

      I used Amazon for myself and the prizes I gave away. All arrived within 2 to 3 days and shipped free with Prime shipping

      Lulu is print on demand, so it will take about a week, more or less, before they ship. They will also charge shipping

      I think Amazon is also POD, but their turn around for me has been amazing.

  3. I pretty much own all of BFRPG because it was ridiculously cheap to buy it. I also like the stuff (and I've reviewed the game and the Adventure Anthology on my blog) but it's the price that got me.

    I play S&W but don't own a hardcopy, because even a cheap hardcopy is 2x as much as the entire BFRPG line. :)


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