Thursday, September 25, 2014

Taking a Look at ENWorld's Hot Roleplaying Games (Hint - the OSR places fairly well)

I stumbled across this earlier today while bouncing around the web. Very interesting numbers. I'm not surprised to see 5e having over half the the attention of gamers / posters / bloggers online, but I am surprised to see where the OSR places. A solid 5th place, right after FATE.  The thing is, if you add in OD&D and 2e to the OSR numbers, it comes it at #3.

And folks wonder if the OSR has a voice these days (well, I assume some folks wonder.)
Over 1000 sites and counting! What's the current zeitgeist? What are the hottest games being talked about right now? This isn't a list of sales figures; it tracks what's currently being talked about using a top secret algorithm. Each game is also conveniently linked to a search for discussion about it right here on EN World, should you want to find out more. The spotlight list changes from time to time. The red and green arrows show a game's general trend over the last 90 days - is it being discussed more or less than it was in the previous 90 days?


  1. I'm surprised by the lack of Shadowrun

  2. Replies
    1. It is not really a reinvention of an old ruleset, but more its own thing entirely.

  3. No runequest or BRP. Just CoC?
    Makes me sad

  4. Perhaps more interesting than any game's rank, is that apparently all games are being talked about more now than three months ago. This gives some credence to the rising tide theories and perhaps can encourage us to be excited for all RPG growth.


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