Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wayward Kickstarter - CHUGS, a Collectible Drinking Card Game

What could be wrong with a collectible drinking card game?

Well, perhaps we'll start with the graphic above, where apparently they can't spell. What exactly is a "Collec Table" game anyway? I guess it's CHUGS. (edit: maybe it can be spelled both ways, but the spacing of the graphic is STILL wrong, and the "i" is more proper than the "a".)

Hey, shit happens, even when one is looking to raise $18k Canadian for a drinking game with misspellings right on the tin.

19 backers - $3,000 raised. Basic buy in for the game is 20 bucks. So, where did all of the extra money come from? Well, having a $1k backer and a $500 backer does that pretty well. That's half the current funding right there.

So, how many are in for the basic buy in of 20 bucks? 4 backers. Yes, 4.

Oh, and first created, zero backed.

Now, we only get glimpses of backers in groups of 10, so with 19 backers, we only get to see the first 10. Two of those 10 have supported previous projects - for 8, this is their first. Two have the same last name. Gee, it's like stuffing a tip jar, right? Need to put some money in so others follow.

I actually liked The Chugs CDCG Starter Kit: Includes: 1 – Starter Deck, 1 – Chugger, 6 – Chug Shots, 1 – Ugh Chug Shot Glass/cards. Estimated retail: $74.00

Guess how much it is if you want to back the project? $100. Is that some new sort of math they're teaching up in Canada?

And it's collectible in that each deck has a 31% chance of having a rare, ultra rare or autographed card in the deck. Yes, that's what makes in collectible. Or rather, "collec table."

Steer clear of CHUGS for your drinking game needs. I'd rather point you to Drinking Quest.


  1. Here's hoping it was at least a play on table top gaming. Perhaps we can even drink to that.

  2. Iron and Ale is a Kickstarter drinking card game that turned out pretty good. I stumbled on it at Gencon and think it's funny, clever, and very playable.


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