Wednesday, September 24, 2014

THIS is Why I Blog

I don't blog for the money, as there is little to none to be made. If anything, it costs me money.

I don't do it for fame, because really, what fame is there to be made?

No, I do it for moments like this:
Good Morning Erik (Morning at least on the USA East Coast),  
I downloaded the free BasicFantasy and Field Guide items this morning with great delight. 
OSRIC is excellent and indeed, as you recommended, the BF array closely tracks with the feel of OSG (old school gaming? I don't know my acronyms yet).   
Both systems collectively turn my old lapsed gears and it is a wonderful feeling.  A feeling of simple joy.  What an elusive condition, simple joy: an ice cream cone when you're a kid, or tossin' the ball with your Dad, or a new bike.  New houses don't do it, fast cars don't do it, beautiful women don't do it (though we can make a strong case for them), exotic vacations, power and promotion in our careers . . . it's a long list.   
Just fucking give me simple joy.   
And I was going to buy a vineyard.   
Please tell the primary parties at OSRIC and BF how they have touched a man many miles away.  A different kind of sorcery.  I don't have a gmail account or whiddle with Facebook so I can't contribute to your comment sections.  Supply those men my email address if you like.   
I owe them money.   
Thanks again for everything.  Looking forward to Pod-2 from Tavern Radio.  
"Gnoll fritters for EVERYBODY!"
Alright. I'm done. Can't top this. Time to turn out the lights ;)

I think Swords & Wizardry is up next...


  1. It's great to get stuff like this cool beans.

  2. Rick, if you're reading this... all you need to hang with us on the Basic Fantasy forums is an email address. Wander over to:


    and sign up. On the Basic Fantasy forums (and many other places) I'm known as Solomoriah. Hope to see you there!


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