Monday, September 15, 2014

Announcing "The Brainstorm Podcast" - 30 Minutes or Less or it's *Free (*it's always free)

Wild Games Productions has added an "edition free" podcast to it's stable - "The Brainstorm."

It literally is a podcast about brainstorming ideas for RPG games (primarily edition free.) Use the ideas, abuse the ideas, submit ideas - the podcast really is there for the listener in this case.

So, join your hosts +Vincent Florio , +Glen Hallstrom and myself ( +Erik Tenkar ) at The Brainstorm Podcast.

(Episode 2 of the Tenkar & The Badger Podcast should be dropping any time now too - so much Tenkar, so little time)


  1. Replies
    1. I came in to guest host and stayed for the veal ;)

  2. Vince, I have some ideas, where to email? And good to hear Glen back online....I missed that booming bass voice coming out of my speakers...

    1. Sure Mike. you can go right to the site and email us via the contact form or use wgpthinktank(at)gmail.com


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