Sunday, September 14, 2014

Idle Thought's of Tenkar's Landing - Crowdsourcing a Small Sandbox

I was working on this sandbox way back in the spring of 2013 and aside from the maps and a few notes, I've done nothing with it. Stuff got put to the side and the plate can only hold so much.

I got to thinking about Tenkar's Landing again last week, but the plate these days is so much smaller and it's stacked so high I can't see much of what is on it anymore. I want to get some use out of this as I do like the map (used Hexographer for those that are curious.)

So, my idle thought is this - crowdsourcing the development of the island. Give my readers a hex (5 or 6 miles across per hex - it's not a huge sandbox but as I have the surrounding area mapped, it is expandable) each and let them have at it and see what the end result is. I'd keep hex 1311 for myself, of course ;)

As I said, and idle thought, and even at that, I'd still need the time to set things up and organize it. Consider this post a simple gauging of interest into the concept of passing out the 30 some odd hexes on the island and the dozen and a half that are on the map but across the waters.


  1. I'd be down. How much content would you be wanting per hex? Considering the sheer amount of adventure a single hex can hold (Manhattan will juuuuuuust fit into a 5 mile hex, for reference), we could have a lot of fun, even if no major features exist in the hex we get.

  2. IF you wanted to outsource the logistics of organizing everyone, you could set it up in something like Obsidian Portal. That way the pages would be editable by people you'd given access to, as well as track what's been done so everyone can see.

  3. Ha! You just can't help yourself Erik.

    I'm in.

  4. Pretty map. Consider me interested.
    Incidentally, 22.18. Tower o- ??
    Hmmm. Come to think of it, maybe leave it like that.

  5. I'll give it a try. I'll nab 18.12 if it's free.

  6. Best Kickstarter advice I have seen is to have your manuscript written (if not also edited) before contemplating a Kickstarter.

    1. crowdsourcing, not crowdfunding.

      this would be a community project, by the community, for the community

      there is no funding involved - just time and effort from those involved

  7. I'd be up for this! And 20.18 would be the hex I'd want.

  8. between here and G+ it looks like we have interest in this - let me work out the logistics and some basic seeds for the setting

    we'll also need a better name for the whole thing than "Tenkar's Landing" ;)

  9. Great Idea. Give me any hex you like and I'll put something together. I think a name for the project will develop once folks have added some content - perhaps a common thread will develop.

  10. And I'll be quite happy with any hex.

  11. Count me in for any available hex!

  12. This is a very cool initiativel! I'm in! Especially if I don't have to draw my sub-map in hexes, but can use my own style :)

  13. How do you apply for reserving a hex?!? I am interested in 19.15...


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