Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Time Limited PWYW 5e Adventure - The Mines of Valdhum

Yes, if you need to add the above disclaimer at the end of the OGL page of your 5e compatible product release, maybe you shouldn't release it.

In any case, you can get more details of the time limited PWYW pricing of the 5e version of the Mines of Valdhum over at OSRToday.


  1. Why can't people just wait a month for the official announcement of the licensing plan?


    1. I had originally planned to do just that, but after seeing a few others release 5E stuff with the OGL slapped on it, I figured what the hell.

    2. I think good on you for having a go. People should spend less time gatekeeping hobbies and more time writing what they want without the worry.
      If gatekeeping is what some people want to do, maybe that someone should say, level a comment --something like "Don't sue me bro'!" to Clark Peterson for his 5E version of Wizard's Amulet.

  2. If this was the kind of industry where people made money, I would imagine it was to make a quick buck by getting out early.

    Of course.. this is not that kind of industry. Err.. Hobby.

    I would have imagined it's to get some attention on your creation, but the "eh, i was done with it, why not?" response fits much more. However, in that case I would say it's really really not worth getting into legal hot water.

  3. As long as he doesn't use anything trademarked or copyrighted, there's not a damn thing D&D can do about it.


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