Friday, August 29, 2014

The Wilderlands Land in my Mailbox!

I snagged some Wilderlands goodness on eBay earlier this week: High Fantasy, Fantastic Reaches and Fantastic Wilderlands of Beyonde along with many (but far from all) of the relevant maps. All the above for less than $60, which is damn good for Judges Guild era Wilderlands product.

Fun times!

Of course now I need to fill in the missing maps and Wilderlands of the Magic Realms.


  1. Wow, terrific deal. I loathe each breath that keeps you alive.

  2. Perhaps Goodman games will be reproducing this material soon. I might hold on to my money and purchase the re-issued stuff.

  3. I think about selling Wilderlands of the Magic Realm with complete maps, what price can it get?


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