Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kickstarter - RPG Mini Mods - Role Playing Games Mini Modules

What can I tell you about +Lloyd Metcalf ? Well, he was the main artist doing work on Whisper & Venom (a NTRPG Three Castles Award Finalist and ENnie Award Finalist for 2014). I actually own one of his original pieces of work. I truly do like his art. I have no idea about his adventure writing, but I'm willing to make a bet (with my own money) that Lloyd writes a decent adventure. I guess I'll find out with his RPG Mini Mods.

$24 for print copies of all three mini mods, $32 if you want a set of three 5"x7" prints of the covers. Can you guess what level I'll be ponying up for?

Let's face it, not every GM has time to sit down and prepare adventures on short notice every time the players decide to pop in for some RPG fun. 
A Mini Mod quest is simply a side quest in short format, designed to serve many purposes. 
A Mini Mod can be a quick one-off adventure or a side quest in a longer campaign. You can use a Mini Mod to unobtrusively make sure that players come across objects or tavern-rumors with connections to larger story lines. You can also use one to enrich the campaign setting in a longer story arc. 
Mini Mods will keep your players entertained and give them things to do while other events are cooking. You can use them as a springboard to further adventures or just to add depth to your world, and all with minimal pre-planning time. 
This Kickstarter will raise the funds necessary to produce 3 complete Mini mods in their entirety. The Bogey  has previously been done, but will receive a re-write and some added details from our newly added writer Christopher Scott Thompson along with Ian Graham and myself (Lloyd Metcalf). 
Christopher is already hard at work fixing up The Bogey of Swindle and ironing out the bugs in "The Children of Blackweb Bog". Two great mini mods to get the ball rolling. 
We will pay our professional writer to help us along in creating "Midnight Oliviah" with successful funding. A mini mod inspired by a lady known to a number of Texans, but loaded with character ready for any world. 
All Mini mods will be illustrated by myself (Lloyd Metcalf)


  1. Looks like you now get the cover prints even at the $24 level, which makes this pretty darn cool!

    text from their page

    In an effort to sweeten the backing desserts:
    Backing levels that receive products in the mail will now receive, IN ADDITION to whatever rewards you already have, 3 5x7 prints of the module covers!!
    If you are backing at a level that has signed 5x7 prints, expect 3 extra prints!
    This includes all levels except well wisher and digital.

  2. Yes, i thought it could get a little better. :)
    the level with the signed cards gets extras!


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