Sunday, July 20, 2014

Near Miss - Dodged a Real Life Tragedy, and Life Goes On

Mt DCC game ended shortly after 2 am last night. After some chips and a beer I was ready for bed. Shortly after 3 am, my cell phone rang.

Now, we all know middle of the night phone calls never bring good news. They are the bearers of ill tidings, and this was no different. My pop called to tell me my mom slipped and fell getting out of bed. She split her lip open and was slurring her words. He called EMS and my sister joined my mom on the way to the hospital (she and my niece are visiting my folks in the Poconos.)

Long story short, possible concussion from the fall, but no stroke (as was feared) and all other test s came back normal. She does have high blood pressure, but never knew as she is one of those stubborn folk that avoids docs like the plague.

She was released shortly before 10 AM after the tests came back negative. Can you guess I had very little sleep last night?

It's been a rough year from October of last year right through... well, now. Thankfully, the man upstairs kept this one with an overall positive - now mom knows she has high blood pressure and will need to see a doc regularly to take care of it.

Oh, and after work tomorrow it's off to Urgent Care to get a ring removed from my wife's swollen finger...

Alright, time to pass out ;)


  1. Glad it seems to have been non-serious.

  2. Good news that nothing serious happened.

    I got a call last night at 2am, but it was from a couple of girls i know that needed a ride home from the bar. And they were wasted and wanted to stop everywhere. The only damage was nacho cheese on the dash of my Jeep.

  3. I'm glad to hear that your mom will be okay. :)
    Good luck with the ring tomorrow!

  4. The only good call I ever got after 2 am was from a stripper friend of mine that lived in the apartment downstairs, her car battery wss dead and she needed a ride home from the gentlemans club where she worked. When I arrived she had two friends there who also needed rides as they had ruined their cars battery trying to jump the first car. So on the way home they took me to breakfast at IHOP as a reward. Yeh I was hoping for more of a "Dear Penthouse Forum, I never thought this would happen to me, but..." moment but alas not...

    1. LOL Mike you could have made it a Dear Penthouse letter right here!

  5. glad to hear every thing is alright.

  6. Yeah those 3am calls can be unnerving. Glad everything went as well as it did.

  7. Glad your mom is OK.. the slurring might have just been from having a swollen split lip!

  8. if that is the elastic wrap method - we tried and the Urgent Care was going to try, but the ring is hollowed out behind the setting and the swelling had taken the space given it.

    ring was cut and 10 days antibiotics for the infection


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