Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kickstarter - Non-Player Cards: An Artful & Inspirational Generation Tool (NPC Character Generator)

I like inspirational tools when I'm brainstorming some adventure creation. It's why blogs like The Dungeon Dozen and resources like the D30 Sandbox Companion are so popular. They don't give you a finished product - but they give you inspiration for use in limitless adventures.

Non-Player Cards: An Artful & Inspirational Generation Tool is something similar, but it's for use in generating memorable NPCs (although I expect players could use it to add depth to their PCs) and includes something that most other products of the sort don't really stress - inspirational art. That is the whole point to putting this on cards, it is not?
In many cases, NPCs are one of the trickiest aspects of GMing. Questions about: What should I name him/her? What should their role be? Their occupation? How will they act differently from the last 50 NPCs I've already used for my players? All surface as a GM. 
Non-Player Cards is a deck of 300 cards that can be used with any tabletop setting, allowing you to create and build NPCs and characters for any game you choose to play. 
What is Non-Player Cards? 
The Non-Player Cards is an easy-to-use 300-card deck that contains a series of "categories" that help in the generation a unique NPC. You can even use this deck to enhance existing NPCs or even add some direction and inspiration on how players can role play their characters. (see below for what are on the Cards) 
Is there a book with the same information? 
Yes! In addition to the Deck, we are packing all of those cards into the Reference Booklet! Every backer who receives a PDF reward will also receive the PDF of the Reference Booklet.  
If you want the Booklet in print, there’s a backer level for the PDFs and Print Booklet! OR if you want the Deck and the Booklet, it’s just a $10 add-on ($12 international). The book will be ~50 pages, 6x9, in full-color and printed through DriveThruRPG's (DTRPG) Premium Print format.

So, book, cards or both, there is a method that should work for you.

Me? Personally, I love using cards for this stuff instead of dice, as the art itself can inspire. Which reminds me, I need to review Creature Decks: 0e/1e RPG Creature & Encounter Decks. Yep, I'm finding the use of cards / art for inspiration to be invaluable.

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  1. I'll be honest, one of the most promising points of this campaign is an estimated release date of November 2015 ... No seriously. Just give me a reasonable timeline for delivery and suddenly I'm that much more convinced that the project creator has half a clue about their workload time to completion.


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