Friday, February 21, 2014

Not Nearly as Far Along as I had Hoped...

I'm still working on putting the 339(?) entries to the OSR Superstar Competition into one document. It's moving along but no where near where I had hoped it would be. Isn't helping that we have a new chief at work, which means I had to do a breakdown of what my unit does and to justify my staffing had to work on the breakdown while home.

What is the ancient Chinese curse? May you live in interesting times. I's be happy to stay with boring and dull for a bit ;)

I also need to send out copies of Dagger, the RPG for kids - I have the copy to email out, but at about 150+ emails, sending the copies is taking second place to finishing the consolidation of the entries so I can send it out to the judges.

I'm not complaining about the number of entries, but damn it was a lot ;)


  1. I'm so excited to see what everyone came up with! It crosses my mind at least once a day.

  2. I'm OK if you just want to send them mine and call it done.

  3. Maybe next contest, you could have people submit using a google docs form? It would send all the entries into one spreadsheet, apparently. (Haven't done it myself, but a baseball website I frequent does its crowd predictions this way after doing it by hand in years past, apparently much easier)

    1. Google docs can really fall apart when you're working with a whole lot of collaborators... at least I never found it to work well with more than three or four.

      Maybe there's some kind of survey or form filling app that would fill the niche.

    2. Since there are only a few judges, a shared Google Document would work. Google Form would work well, too. I've used Google Forms on my blog to conduct OSR surveys and it worked very well. I also use Google Forms almost daily in my classroom (I'm a middle school math teacher) with a lot of success.

    3. You could have everyone send their submissions in through either word, open office, or notepad. Having all entries sent in the same format can speed things up.

  4. I would offer to help, but since I entered, I can't. :S

  5. Draft the winner to help compile next year's entries.


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