Monday, February 17, 2014

Final Tally - 339 Magic Items Entered into the OSR Superstar Competition and a Map Peek

Partial map for the final round

The magic number of magic items is 339.

It's not quite set in stone, as there might be duplicates or missed items in my count, but it shouldn't change by much. We'll have an accurate count when I send the judges their copies of the entries later on this week.

Next round for the 16 qualifiers will be designing monsters.

The final round of 8 finalists will get to complete and flesh out the partial map shown above by our very own +matt jackson (there may also be an open round using Matt's map - we'll see when we get there). Maps will be judges less on artistic ability and more on content, imagination and usability - but that's a bit down the line ;)

Huge thanks to all that entered!


  1. That's about 1 entry per 19 moving on to the next round! Good luck to the judges. And thanks for the neat contest. =)

  2. That's really impressive, almost an item a day for a year. Glad to have taken a minute part in that.

    1. Gus L - I like your way of thinking! For a weekly game, that's 6.5 years worth of items.

  3. 339... a number that will live in infamy!

  4. This will be a totally awesome resource for the next couple of year's gaming.

  5. Hope to see a compilation of them at all (at some point). Best of luck to everyone that entered.

  6. I'm sure some of these will be found sprinkled through out the Barrowmaze I am running.


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