Wednesday, January 1, 2014

They Became Flesh: A game of God, Humanity, and the Fallen - Has it Gotten Up Yet?

Safe to assume at 2 years late YET in the retail market, that a good portion of supporters are screwed?

Anyone have more info on this nightmare? (so glad I missed this one when it was live)


  1. Wow...must be nice to have others fund your production to go retail free of charge (after Amazon and KS wet their beak)...I am not a backer but if I saw any game by this company in a retail store I would be tempted to smash it with my shoe...it is not the retailers fault so I would need to control myself...for a very small industry you would think a distributor would laugh at such losers rather than enable them...Z

  2. This one is just mind boggling.. I mean I can understand the dumbass who just has no clue and blows the KS money.. but these guys got this to retail market yet have the audacity to blow off the people who pitched in to help them make it a reality. there is a special place in hell for people like this...

  3. Backer here. (You can actually see my name in that screenshot) At a year past the last promised delivery date, I've given up hope of ever seeing the leatherbound hardcover I was promised in exchange for backing this project. The creators go months without communicating, and even then it's usually to promise to get things back on track. Promises which seem to never come true for a cross-section of their supporters.

    Just to see some return on this project (beyond the pdf, to be fair), and to illustrate the problems with their handling of the KS, I've actually purchased a copy from Noble Knight. And honesly? I've seen ashcans that look more complete. Little to no art or fluff text, and it looks like it was laid out in MS Word.

    It's a shame that Elizabeth Sampat no longer gives interviews. I'd love to see a post mortem on this fiasco.

    1. Just to clarify: when I mentioned being a year past the last promised delivery date, I was focusing on the limited-run hardcovers in particular. The last firm date I can recall seeing for them promised shipment by the end of 2012.

      Apologies if this caused any confusion.


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