Friday, January 3, 2014

Looking For a Good One on One Adventure...

A couple of years ago, I ran my wife through a T&T solo adventure that I modified on the fly to run "One on One".

Now, I'm looking to do something similar with here, but using an OSR ruleset like S&W.

Any good ideas on an adventure or adventures I should be looking at?


  1. Expeditious Retreat Press has a whole line of them for d20 and easily converted over to classic D&D.


  2. This is not an adventure, and that this is for Labyrinth Lord, but I have REALLY enjoyed using this in a game with just my wife and I.


  3. This is a CYA solo adventure that rules:


    read Bryce's review here:


  4. Have you checked out Blade of Vengeance? It's an old (1984) B/X module, one of the UK ones. The player needs to play the Elf in the module, or one like it, so that may be a deal breaker. It's mostly high fantasy/ knight tropes, but I love the hell out of it even though I've never actually run it or played through it.


  5. Ruins of the Undercity is designed for solo play, but easily adapted to a GM & Solo Player situation. It's basically the old Random Dungeon Generator from the DMG streamlined and expanded to include the city above the dungeon.


  6. I always felt the TSR Challenge adventures were very solid. They were adventures built around a specific class (such as the Fighter's Challenge or Thief's Challenge). I think most are now out in PDF. They were written for 2E so I'm not sure how hard the conversion would be.

  7. I feel I should point out Kevin Crawford's (the Stars Without Number guy) upcoming Kickstarter project, Scarlet Heroes.


    This claims to allow you to convert any old school adventure to single player, on the fly. A bold claim bit you know with Kevin you will get to see the draft before you pledge and a no-BS Kickstarter will follow that delivers on, or ahead of, schedule.


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