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Saturday, December 21, 2013

On the 9th Day of OSR Christmas, Elder Futhark Runes Fell From the Sky

Note: Due to the expense of mailing packages outside the US, some days of the OSR Christmas Giveaway will be limited to US mailing addresses only. This is one of those days. I apologize to the international tavern patrons and will make it up to you in the coming days. PDF gifts will be international and will require an OBS (occasionally LULU) account to claim in most cases. We do have print gifts that will be shipping internationally in later days.

I'm a few minutes late for Friday in NYC, but if I was in LA, I'd be early ;)

+matt jackson is offering a handmade set of Elder Futhark Runes. This is probably the most unique gift in the 12 Days of OSR Christmas Giveaway.

Damn cool stuff :)


  1. These are really cool. Doubly so in the walk-through of the process shown on Matt's blog.

  2. Wicked awesome! Great job Mr. Matt Jackson and as always thanks for to Tenkar.

  3. I can't believe it's December 21st. Put me in anyways.

  4. "I've been sitting here, tied to this tree for a long damn time. Friggin' bird plucked my eye out." -- Odin

  5. எனக்கு அவளா கொடுக்க

  6. Can you actually win more than once?

  7. Do they work in a soda machine? Toll gate?

  8. Sweet! I could use some runes.

  9. Those are really cool.

  10. This is a far easier way to get runes than hanging from a tree all day.

  11. I am going to sweeten the deal a little:

  12. I use the Younger Futhark, alas, but put me in anyway for the Edge of Space. :-)

    1. LOL Elder, win, I will make you a set of Younger. :)

      Might take me a little, been struggling to find suitable wood around here lately.

  13. Saw these when Matt first made them, they look incredible. A very worthy gift.

  14. These go great with the latest Gygax Magazine Rune Priest for DCC.



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