Saturday, December 21, 2013

Santa Will Ship Day 8's Ogre and Fires to...

Sorry about the delay is getting this out (as well as the Day 9 Runic post). Long work day, long wife day (heh) and game immediately upon getting home late last night left me with little time to be had. But... I'm on vacation for a week, so lets see how it all goes now ;)

Now, I know you want to know who is getting what under their OSR Christmas Tree, so here they are:

TM1: The Ogress of Anubis will be going to Moe Tousignant

VA1 Valley of the Five Fires will be going to Robert Morris

Lads know what to do - hit me up using the contact form and I'll pass your info onto New Big Dragon himself.


  1. Since I thought you'd be giving these to one person, and I'd mentioned on my blog yesterday that if the winner was stateside I'd send a "pre-release" print copy of the d30 Sandbox Companion (which should release the day or two before New Year's), and since I believe both these guys are stateside, they'll both also be getting a "pre-release" print copy of the d30 Sandbox Companion!

    1. sorry about the mix up - even with a spread sheet this giveaway is hard to keep a handle on

      as always, very generous NBD

    2. Moe's Canadian. He's awesome that way.

    3. (and I'm crazy jealous of the pre-release reward!)

    4. Since USPS will ship to Canada, no worries, eh? It will cost me a few extra bucks, but happy to do it.

  2. Oh, and congrats to both Moe and Robert!

  3. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to these!


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