Sunday, December 15, 2013

New OSR PWYW - Execution Corner (GM Games)

Plug in and play. That is what Execution Corner is. It's a small yet detailed local whose name is also it's definition.

It's also stat free, so really, it could fit into any fantasy setting. I have an idea where this may fit into my current campaign.

Favorite line? 
Around the back of tavern is the pissing wall. Names of the
criminals that were hung here are carved into the wood. The
patrons are encouraged to piss on the names as tribute.
No, we don't have a pissing wall at Tenkar's Tavern, but after reading this we may need to instal one ;)

From the blurb:

Execution Corner is a location you can drop into your campaign.  A crossroads area where 96 criminals have met their end.  You'll find the No Tomorrow Tavern serving the thirsty crowd on hanging day.  A pair of peddlers selling until the rope goes taut.  And an executioner who is very particular about what rope he uses.

What you'll find inside:

A hand drawn, colored map of the area.
Descriptions of the people and area.
Extras that include superstitions and a few game mechanic additions.


  1. Picked it up this weekend. Definitely going to add it to my gaming world. Very cool!


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