Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Bundle of Holding - Pay What You Want for a Bundle of FATE

Lets see, for as little as $4, you get FATE Core, FATE Accelerated, Spirit of the Century (my personal introduction to FATE), Full Moon and Ehdrigohr.

Beat the average price folks are paying (as I type this, its a hair over 12 bucks) you also get Starblazer Adventures, Legends of Anglerre, the Kerebos Club and any future additions to the bundle.

If you are "FATE Curious", this is you opportunity to get a ton of FATE for a really cheap price.

Did I mention it's all DRM free?

It's one hell of a Bundle of Holding

I'm in at $14 myself ;)


  1. Not to mention that if you beat the average, they'll be adding more goodies to the bundle (they always do, usually 1/day after the bundle's been running a few days).

  2. I hope they add Diaspora and Bulldogs

  3. They did. My will to resist has almost collapsed.

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