Monday, September 9, 2013

Games from the Basement - The Primal Order

So, I'm currently digging through what is now the living room closet (formerly my bedroom before renovations) as I'm looking to add some soundproofing to the back of it (my son's room is on the other side). In the course of moving stuff out of the top (nearly all gaming material) I came across this gem - The Primal Order from Wizards of the Coast from back in 1994.

Yep, that's before they bought out TSR and grabbed D&D and all of the rest.

Now, look at the back cover (or at least, the part of the back cover I took a picture of.

Notice and game missing from that list?

I guess TSR - They Sue for Real was the sleeping giant they didnt want to stir up.

I never used this. Heck, i barely remembered I owned it. Interesting to look at after 20 years...


  1. IIRC, that's a second printing. The first printing included both D&D, AD&D, and the Palladium/Rifts systems. It was Palladium who sued, and I think TSR merely sent a C&D... I'm sure the history of it is out there somewhere, as the Palladium lawsuit was a Big Thing at the time, WotC was very heavily on the Web, and the successful lawsuit by Palladium nearly killed Magic before it started... or something like that...

  2. Found a Wiki about this:


    From the Wiki:

    "Kevin Siembieda, the owner of Palladium Books and Palladium FRPG copyright holder, sued Wizards for copyright infringement. The parties settled the suit out of court, and Wizards released a revised edition of TPO [The Primal Order] that excluded Palladium. The revised edition also excluded AD&D, D&D and WarpWorld. However, Adkison took advantage of the revision to include these games:

    Castle Falkenstein
    Tri Tac Games
    World of Darkness games

    The expanded coverage increased TPO's page count from 232 to 250 pages. It also included new cover art."

  3. I had that one and two supplements, too. Quite nice, actually, and fun to read.

  4. Yep, I still have my 1st edition signed by Peter Adkison. I was one of the guys who wrote the Palladium/Rifts notes.


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