Saturday, September 14, 2013

Moving to the Top of the Review Pile is... City-State of the Sea Kings

The readers have voted, and City-State of the Sea-Kings has made it to the top of the review pile here at the Tavern. I'll start digging into it heavy tomorrow.

Close behind it will be the Adventures Dark and Deep Player's Manual.

Rounding out the top 5 are Five Ancient Kingdoms, Whitehack and Arrows an Indra.

The above will all have multi part (or continue) reviews. Those not in the top five, as well as other items that crop up (like some DCC RPG adventures - hint, hint) will get the usual mini-reviews inter-spread amongst the longer reviews.

Tomorrow I'll award the random RPGNow Gift Certs. One will be awarded on the G+ side and three on the blog side.

Fun stuff.

On a personal note - the family dog has been in the local animal hospital since last night - she had two seizures late last night and one overnight at the hospital. She seems stable now, and we hope to take her home tomorrow night. She's already on three meds twice a day for her heart condition and it looks like we'll be adding a new medication to the mix. She's soon to be 12, and we treat every day we have with her as a blessing. We'll gladly take kind thoughts and prayers for her well being. She doesn't get into many photos, as she can't jump up on my desk like my cat can ;)


  1. Your faithful hound is in my thoughts Eric. Be well. She's adorable!

  2. What a cute looking pup. Hope she remains stable.

  3. Right after I posted this, the vet called and cleared us to pick her up.

    Just got back. First thing she did? Huge dump on her wee wee pad.

    I have trouble crapping under stress too ;)

  4. What's her favorite class to play?

  5. Ugh. I completely missed this whole voting thing, or I would have thrown myself a bone!
    ; )

  6. Best wishes to your four-legged family member!


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