Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mentzer D&D Basic Set Released in PDF at DnD Classics for 9.98

This ain't 4e, right?
The Mentzer version of D&D Basic is available for 9.98 ($4.99 for the Player's Manual and $4.99 for the DM's Rulebook.)

Not a bad price for something you can add to you portable gaming collection (iPad / tablet / etc)


"To commemorate the original D&D "Red Box's" 30th anniversary, take advantage of this special promotion!

With the purchase of the D&D Basic Set Player's Guide or D&D Basic Set Dungeon Master's Rulebook from the original "Red Box," get a coupon for 50% off any of the B-series adventures!

This special offer includes B1 In Search of the Unknown through B12 Queen's Harvest and ends next week so act fast!"


  1. Well, if you look at it this way...

    Dungeons & Dragons editions:

    * Gygax/Arneson
    * Holmes
    * Moldvay
    * Mentzer

    ...it actually IS the 4th edition of D&D.

  2. Interesting, my order notes didn't mention anything about the code only working for one week. Oh, and it didn't work for the bundle. :(

  3. Glad I bought this on PDF way back when, when both books together were $5.

    That said, are these new scans? Anyone picked them up yet and compared?

  4. So you can pay $9.98 and get levels 1-3 and the red box ... or you can pay $0.01 more and get the Rules Cyclopedia with levels 1-36. That payment structure does not make sense.

  5. I bet a lot of people will buy for the nostalgia factor as well. Plus, simplicity. I know that the first time I looked at the Rules Cyclopedia I was daunted by the quantity inside, having been used to my lighter basic and expert books.

    I like that they're making multiple editions of the basic rules available. They may finally have learned what Steve Jackson Games learned long ago with e23, that edition choice is good for electronic publishing.

  6. Weird that is the same price I paid for the actual books on eBay a month ago. PDFs blow.

  7. I'm also curious how many people that car to own these books, minus maybe the Cyclopedia, don't have hard copies anyways. None of these are exactly rare.

    When I ran Moldvay last year, all the players were able to acquire the basic rulebook for between 5 and 18 bucks.

  8. Seems like poor value compared to Moldvay Basic at $5. Or the RC for $10, as noted above. For around $10 you should be able to get a decent print copy on Ebay, at least a boxless copy?


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