Friday, July 19, 2013

Kickstarter- Myth & Magic Player's Guide - 2E Revived and Updated - Finally Shipping - Sorta...

Here's the latest from the Myth & Magic Player's Guide Kickstarter (which is only a year late):

Mailings Commence

Update #57 · Jul 18, 2013 · 9 comments  
Hello Everyone! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Things are back on track and picking up for the PHB and GMG (three months since the last update, but who'se counting?). Fulfillment of the PHB is slow going, to say the least; but, now that a personal move is over (not part of a previous update, not even one of the usual third party posting for the creator because he's too busy to post updates), things will pick up. I'm only at 10% right now (about 350 orders to ship, so 35 may have shipped), but I will keep you posted at each 10% interval. Yet again, I completely underestimated the game. Fulfillment is crazy, crazy, crazy!

Eight mailings have been returned to me undeliverable - at least they were domestic. So... (so nearly 1 in 4 of the first 35 were returned to sender? I guess when you ship a year late folks move)

I've set up a dedicated email on gmail: ksaddressupdate@gmail.com

If you have moved, or feel that you might not have provided an accurate address when you pledged (which is likely considering it was like ten years ago!!!) (heh he... - not fucking funny - almost true, but not funny), please email the above address and provide a current mailing address. Please do this even if you have contacted me separately a long time ago. There were several channels used back then, so a dedicated email to consolidate that information is necessary.

Bonus Material: Jeff Scifert has been incredibly awesome in helping me finish up the GMG (and so too has Daniel Gunther!). We're 85% done at the moment, then we'll complete what I started on the PHB bonus material. That will be a PDF update only, but I promised the material, and so it shall come to be. (if nothing else, this update seems more believable that anything Nystul has spewed this year)

Again, I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I really only want to update you when I have new material, a PDF download or some very important thing to discuss (like the address issue). I know some KS campaigns update weekly or bi-weekly with little snippets of nothingness. I really want the updates to be meaningful... (up above you said we'd get an update every 10% shipped - which is it)

I have a GMG update forthcoming! (thank God I didnt back this)



  1. Given that well before the KS for this book there were constant delays, inexplicable drops in communication and a general sense that ever seeing a final version of M&M was possibly a pipe dream....there was no way I was going to back this KS, and hey look, turns out the prior evidence was right.

  2. Given that he received a HECK of a lot more money than he was originally trying to raise, I'm surprised he can't devote ALL his time to the project.

    So, he's not "lost" in Wonderland after all. Well . . . that's something, I guess.

  3. I haven't EVEN BACKED any Kickstarters and crap like this pisses me off. I like Kickstarter. Some great stuff has come out of it. I might want to use it someday for my own stuff. But crap like this makes me think twice about backing anything, let alone creating a project of my own.

    Also, in that message there's no apologies, just a clown trying to get your attention again.

    Do backers have any kind of recourse against these clowns that make off with their money?

  4. Isn't there a proverb/parable/biblical mandate about only loaning the money you're willing to give away?

    As with @Stelios Perdios, I've never backed a KS project...I've just marveled at how much cash folks have been able to gather without any sweat equity.

    85%. Okay.

  5. For all the shite involved I'm really keen to see a 2E clone coming out. Pointers in the direction of a PDF would be grand.


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