Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kickstarter - Axes & Anvils Update (the Nystul Fiasco Continues)

I woke up this morning to an Axes & Anvils Kickstarter update. Mike, who has a problem following up on his own promises to update promptly, now promises to update daily. God help us all, each and every one of us...

Hey, somehow I overlooked Nystul's Magical Pigments:
These magic emulsions enable their possessor to create actual, permanent objects simply by depicting their form in two dimensions. The pigments are applied by a stick tipped with bristles, hair, or fur. The emulsion flows from the application to form the desired object as the artist concentrates on the desired image. One pot of marvelous pigments is sufficient to create a 1,000-cubic-foot object by depicting it two-dimensionally over a 100-square-foot surface. 
Only normal, inanimate objects can be created. Creatures can’t be created. The pigments must be applied to a surface. It takes 10 minutes and a DC 15 Craft (painting) check to depict an object with the pigments. Marvelous pigments cannot create magic items. Objects of value depicted by the pigments —precious metals, gems, jewelry, ivory, and so on— appear to be valuable but are really made of tin, lead, paste, brass, bone, and other such inexpensive materials. The user can create normal weapons, armor, and any other mundane item (including foodstuffs) whose value does not exceed 2,000 gp.
Anyhow, here's more of the Nystul misdirection, as I fail to see what good anything he mentions (especially the daily update and included formula) will do. Unless he's stalling for more time so he doesn't have to pay to print the books...
Project Update #50: Getting it out there 
Posted by Mike Nystul 
Hello all. I am still out here and you still don't have your game. (Mike is nothing if not observant) There are reasons why things are what they are but excuses won't help (we know many of the reasons, but cast Nystul's Magic Aura again. We dare you). All that will help is that game.  
I have a tested game - a good game that some Backers have seen and played. I have some art and the seeds of a living game world. I need to bring it together. No delays. (because this hasn't been delayed since forever already)
Andrew, a talented writer and designer I have been working with, has suggested letting him finish this edition just to get it done. I have hesitated because there is material I still want to include and a pass I want to finish (Mike, I suspect the less you have to do with the project at this point, the better for everyone)
Here is the plan: Starting Monday I will share what I am doing every day. I will post some pages, some rules and art. I will be completely transparent (excellent - so, are you going to tell us the rest of the reasons this doomed project has been delayed? Why all of your recent promises have been for naught? Did the dog steal your homework yet again?). As Backers you will also have the opportunity to post feedback if you like. 
If I fail to make progress for 3 consecutive days or 5 days total Andrew gets the go ahead to take what we have, button it up and get it out. (at this point we get a game within a game? WTF?)
I apologize in advance to the daily spam this method will generate but i think it is called for in this particular case. (God help us all. It may wind up be entertaining in a "rubber necking at the accident on the other side of the highway" sort of way, but I suspect little else)

edit: in case Mike needs an actually definition of Transparent:

a : free from pretense or deceit : frank
b : easily detected or seen through : obvious
c : readily understood
d : characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices


  1. Yeah, actually I said we've got a solid draft, and if he would just tell me what edits he wanted to make, I could finish it and format it. I want to get something to backers, it's totally frustrating to have a draft in great shape just... sitting in Mike's inbox.

    I have been biting my tongue and not talking about this, out of respect for his wishes and according to his request, but this! He not only refuses to respond to my emails, but then turns around and misrepresents me on a Kickstarter update with a grand gesture. It's maddening.

    1. @andrew - you are one of the "good guys" in our corner of the universe. Mike is... mike is a deceptive ass to put it nicely. Misdirection is his specialty.

      mike, if you are reading this - put your head back in the sand let Andrew do what needs to get done

    2. Everybody see the second typo-ridden apology for his comments about Andrew. Also WTF with challenging himself to update? Give Andrew (or someone else helpful) the job, let them get us the bloody game, then send out a supplement if your worried about adding stuff. I get that he (mike) screwed this up, I get that he (still mike) doesn't want to just be another jerk who ran with the money, but updating us doesn't make it right, making it right makes it right.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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