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Thursday, August 25, 2016

In Three Hours we Have a Plethora of Thiefly Synonyms to Choose From

Talk about "overwhelming response." At least 60 comments on the blog and a huge amount of comments on G + and Facebook in just over 3 hours time offering alternative suggestions for the word "thief."

I literally didn't know how popular "Thieves" actually were ;)

Later on tonight we're going to sort through all of the suggestions and come up with a list of finalists.

Tomorrow we'll probably get a poll up, and you'll have a week or so to vote on your favorite which will be the name we use in Swords & Wizardry: Light for the thiefly class.

I Need Another Name for "Thief"

The Swords & Wizardry: Light Thief class does not line up exactly with the Swords & Wizardry Thief. Therefore, we need a new name and anyone that suggests "Rogue" will get beat with a wet noodle.

Progression for thief like skills is plotted through 12th level, so a S&W: Light "Thief" could work side by side with a standard S&W Thief.

Just need a name...

If we pick your suggestion I'll send a couple of copies of S&W: Light your way when it goes to print ;)

Follow Up to the Swords & Wizardry: Light Official Announcement - Some Background, Some Further Info and Some Thank Yous

The response to the announcement that Frog God Games will be publishing Swords & Wizardry: Light has been Amazing, Gratifying, Rewarding. Encouraging and so much more.

If it weren't for the community that has formed here at The Tavern, none of this would ever have happened. Creativity doesn't happen in a vacuum. It is fed by good thoughts, quenched by well wishes and encouraged by an audience that desires the end result. In this case, that is all of you. I am, as always, in your debt.

I am also in this community's debt because it was your voice that got this project noticed on a larger scale. The influence that this Community wields is quite powerful. Never doubt yourselves on that account.

I want to thank everyone at Frog God Games, but in particular +Zach Glazar . He's been my co-conspirator in this. His words of encouragement are second to none and he is a sounding board like few others. I'll probably need a few more words in the coming weeks ;)

When I got word that Frog God was interested in S&W: Light I stepped away from working on the rules and moved more to brainstorming the adventure and setting side of things. Why? Because a stand alone ruleset built of of S&W and aimed at bringing in lapsed gamers is different than an authorized ruleset aimed at lapsed gamers and as a bridge to the fuller S&W rulesets. The basic goals are the same but with the second, compatibility to the source material becomes key. In some ways it's more restricting but it's also more rewarding.

Then it was simply time to let things line up and fall into place. Fall into place they did :)

As I see it now, Swords & Wizardry: Light will cover levels 1 through 3, the core 4 classes (thief will be included, but may be renamed as it doesn't follow the mechanics of the current S&W thief class), magic items (except for + 1 weapons and armor) will be introduced in adventures, level gain will be from completing adventures / not experience points and some other stuff minor adjustments. When space is at a premium, and 4 pages is a premium, sometimes you need to improvise.

I've been asked about compatibility licenses, proper format and all that wonderful stuff concerning adventures. Much of that is down the line and not in my wheelhouse. That being said, as the rules are meant to be compatible with the larger Swords & Wizardry rules, if you stick to those and the core 4 classes you will be, by default, compatible. Remember, magic items are not included in the initial 4 page Swords & Wizardry: Light ruleset, so if you include some magical loot (and who doesn't) you'll need to explain what it does. Also, I strongly suggest that you maintain the 4 page format for adventures made specifically for Swords & Wizardry: Light. It just fits the format better.

There will be online support for S&W: Light, both here at The Tavern and via Frog God Games. There will probably be some optional 4 page supplements released, written by me and published by... don't know yet. We need to get the initial release out first ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It's Official - Frog God Games to Publish Swords & Wizardry: Light - Dances Me a Happy Dance!

See that graphic? Yep, it's official. Swords & Wizardry: Light is a thing. Not just anything, either. It will be published and distributed by Frog God Games. Signed off by +Bill Webb . Approved by +Matt Finch . Layout to be done by +Zach Glazar . Editing by +Edwin Nagy  Full color. Free. Print and PDF.

I am so f'n stoked!

When this is all ready and printed, a copy will be included with all Frog God Games orders from their online store. It will be in convention swag bags (this will be huge.) It will be given away at The Tavern. I'm hoping to see copies find their way into game and comic book stores. Maybe even libraries.

Did I mention there is a Swords & Wizardry Affiliate Program in the works? Copies will be going out there too. More details soon.

There are plans for 4-page adventures to compliment the line, both in house and third party. Actually, I've already had the first third party adventure sent to me to look over and it is damn fine. It should be, it includes rats. Love me some rats ;)

So, this means a busy schedule in the coming weeks, as I tweak everything on my end (and editing and layout will need time to make my words look nice.) I'm also hoping to get the first adventure ready it can be released with the rules.

It will be my first published work as Erik "Tenkar" Stiene. Damn. Retirement is good.

Oh, another related announcement is coming soon to a Tavern near you ;)

Frog God Games Goes EU and Australia - Local Shipping is Coming Your Way

I've heard whispers and rumors prior to today's announcement, but it's true. Frog God Games is experimenting with printing locally for the European Union and Australia. What does that mean for you? If you were getting pillaged by the US Postal Service and it's dual wielding attack on shipping outside of the states, you can now fight a foe more your size. Yep, much more reasonable shipping costs.

Rappan Athuk, Pathfinder Edition is first on the "local printing" list. Consider it a flare to judge interest. Yes, I'm already pushing for Swords & Wizardry flavored releases.

Anyhow, if you are interested in being a test subject (the Frogs are looking for one volunteer from each market) for one of these locally printed (and currently reside in the EU or Aussiland) Rappan Athuks, email +Zach Glazar at ZachATfroggodgamesDOTcom. Tell him the dwarf sent you :)

Volunteers have been volunteered;)

P.S. This is NOT the Frog God related post I've talked about. Soon...

Tavern Chat - 9 PM Eastern - I'm Hoping for an Announcement But I Doubt It...

It's Wednesday, so tonight is another weekly Tavern Chat. Be there or be not.

I was hoping for an announcement to share, but it's doubtful. More likely for the morning.

Still, I will be in Tavern Chat and so should you!
How do you participate in Tavern Chat? Look at the right side of this page (you may need to scroll down just a bit) - There is a chat box by Chatwing. That is our Tavern Chat. You can log in using just about any social media platform. See you tonight!

Kickstarter - 13 & 15 sided dice ( D13 & D15 ) w/ DCC & other sets

If I have a Kryptonite, it's dice. Well, good art is certainly a weakness, but I can'y get enough nice. My 5 y/o niece can't get enough either, as she constantly raids my dice jar ;)

The D13 & D15 Kickstarter looks to be more Kryptonite.

There is just something about "weird" dice. Not "weird" as in "that's not a die!" but weird as in "how many sides?"

Look at the above. From 4-sided to 16-sided without skipping a die size.

I'm not sure if I want Blue or Green. Rach probably wants Purple.

Crap. I'm going to need a larger dice jar.

26 projects under the best of Impact Miniatures. That's a pretty safe track record.