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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

#ConManKen Goes to Ground - Deactivating Facebook Accounts - So He Can Finish Kickstarter Projects...

So, this has nothing to do with Kenny being served. I mean, he's going to work on Kickstarter projects. He says so, so it must be true. Kenny never lies.

Let's see. Since being served Ken has "sold his business" and is deactivating his Kickstarter accounts (I THINK he still will have one left, as last I checked he had two as Ken Whitman). Kenny is looking to escape justice it seems. Ken, why don't you just close your eyes and cover your ears - might be as effective and be a whole lot simpler.

We may need to GoFundMe a Private Eye to keep an eye on #ConManKen ;)

Edit: Forgot to add my last words to Kenny - Get yer shinebox!

Edit edit ;) 

Free OSR Rulesets - Fantasy - RetroQuest II (Chasoium RuneQuest 2 Clone)

Huge thanks to Michael Thomas for not only pointing me to RetroQuest II but for also writing / publishing it. Well done sir!

RetroQuest II - is a D100 SRD for creating your own rules and adventures in the vein of everyone’s favourite second-edition D100 roleplaying game. This System Reference Document uses the Open Game Licence and several existing System Reference Documents to re-create the mechanics and play of the first versions of the classic D100 system. See the OGL at the end of this document for more information.

Other Free OSR Rulesets - Fantasy 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kickstarter - Graphic Novel Adventures (Solo Gamebooks)

I'm a fan of solo adventures done right. They are fun to pull out when you have the desire to game and no regular game scheduled. Some of my favorites were from ICE back in the day using their Middle Earth license. I've never seen one that used a graphic novel for the chassis, so I'm finding the Graphic Novel Adventures Kickstarter fairly compelling.

Somehow, visualizing your choice add a new dimension to the genre of solo gaming.

This is just a great visual:

Nice and short video review:

Watch the video. Well worth 3 1/2 minutes of your time. Made my decision to back much easier ;)

19 bucks to back for a single book. 75 bucks to back for all five books.

Time to play with myself... shit! That doesn't sound right!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Deadpool Has Some Cool RPG Homage Covers

With some of these covers I found it is easy to identify their inspiration. Others, not so much ;)

Below are the inspirations:

Friday, April 20, 2018

Announcement - InfiniBadger Press is Lowering PDF Prices Across the Board (Polyhedral Dungeon / Graveyard of Lus / Through Dungeons Deeper / More)

I received this email early this evening and I'm passing it on. I think I own it all already ;)

Some important and awesome things are happening at InfiniBadger Press, with lots of great product releases coming in the next 12-24 months. We've also spent time looking at how we publish, why we do, and what we want to publish. This has led to us changing up a pretty important part of our publishing approach. ONE THAT BENEFITS YOU, FINE READER OF THIS EMAIL! (er - blog post ;)

After some analysis and decision-making, we're revising our entire pricing structure for PDF/digital products. Previously we price products at 50% of the baseline print edition (usually black and white interior).

We're revising those and dropping the prices of products according to a new formula, and this is granting PERMANENT price drops on digital publications today and going forward.

This means you can:
Save $1.00 on Polyhedral Dungeon, which is NOW $2.99 (previously $3.99)
Save $1.00 on The Graveyard at Lus, which is NOW $3.99 (previously $4.99)
Save $6.00 on Through Dungeons Deeper, which is NOW $6.99 (previously $12.99) (do I need to say it? this a pure gaming gold)

Why this drastic shift in pricing?
Because we want more people to get access to our products, perhaps even upgrading to the physical versions over time. Remember that if you buy a digital version, you get a discount of what you paid for it against the print price if you do want a physical version of a product! We want to generate some revenue to allow us to bring some really cool projects to life, and we think that getting more people to buy our stuff is the way to do it.

These discounted prices apply through all digital storefronts we publish on including OneBookShelf, Lulu, Amazon, and our own website. Physical book prices will remain at their normal MSRP.

We hope you take advantage of this exciting change in the way we're publishing, please feel free to share this good news with your friends, your gaming buddies, or even your pet!

There are affiliate links above. They help keep The Tavern doors open, the beer flowing and the lights on. Thank you :)

#ConManKen Plays "Let's Make a Deal!"

The above can be found in the comments section of the KotDT: LAS Kickstarter. #ConManKen wants to make a deal with the individual that had him served.

I'm posting with minimal commentary on my part as am sure my readers will do their fair share ;)

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