Monday, October 22, 2018

Its Beginning to Look a lot Like OSR Christmas...

This picture is probably from 1998. 20 years ago (remind me on Tavern Chat to tell the story of when I shaved off my mustache). And look, its Christmas!

I, as usual, have a shit ton of gifts for OSR Christmas. I plan on Kicking off OSR Christmas the weekend of Thanksgiving and keep it running through the end of December, with gifts given away every two or three days (12 days of actual gift giving / posting). I suspect I'll be offering two Tenkar's Tavern Holiday Grab Bags into the mix.

If you want to join in the gifting, start looking on your shelves for games you no longer need or want. If you are a publisher, consider what you may be able to part with for the joy of the Christmas spirit.

In a coup;e of weeks I'll put out a call for those that wish to participate from the gift-giving side.

If memory serves me correctly, this will be the sixth year The Tavern has hosted OSR Christmas. Without the continued generosity of the gaming community, we would never have gotten this far :)

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Coming Soon - Man, Myth & Magic (Classic Reprint)

I never played Man, Myth & Magic when it released, but I do remember the advertisements in Dragon magazine and I was intrigued. I just never had the funds.

Precis Intermedia has announced they will be reprinting Man, Myth & Magic and I'm kinda excited. I don't expect I'll ever play the rules, but I'm looking forward to owning and reading them.

Anyone play Man, Myth & Magic back in the day? What was your experience?
Your journey has been long and arduous, but you and the rest of your party finally camp within the great stone ring of Salisbury plain to spend an anxious night waiting for the golden glow of the midsummer day's dawn. Your thoughts are not of the mad emperor, Caligula, who sent you on this maniacal quest. Nor do you dwell upon the evil clans of Black Druids, who stood between you and this night. Rather, you ponder the unknown, mystical dangers that lurk within these very stone megaliths, as well as the hazards and powers that will be unleashed as sure as the sun will rise. Obsessed with this premonition of danger, you have not the slightest inkling that you will be irresistibly pulled into a series of events of such magnitude that they not only dwarf Caligula and Rome, but form the greatest adventure in human history. You have not the slightest suspicion that tomorrow's dawn will throw you into danger and intrigue, leading you to discover... the riddle of Stonehenge... the secrets of the pyramids... the mysteries of the ancient world.  
Man, Myth & Magic is a fantasy roleplaying game set in the ancient world. A world seen not from our modern historical perception, but rather through the eyes of the people who lived it. A world filled with magic and sorcery, demons and monsters, and incredible powers and forces that hold the key to the domination of all mankind. Reincarnate as an Egyptian Sorceror, British Druid, or even as an Irish Leprechaun to face the might and mysteries of the ancient world. 

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