Friday, January 19, 2018

Troll Lords Sale at RPGNow - 30% off (Stacks with Current RPGNow Sale where Applicable)

Troll Lords is having a 3 days sale on their PDFs at RPGNow - 30% off everything, and if its already on sale with the current New Year, New Game promotion at RPGNow it comes out to be just over a 50% discount.

Even better for the bargain hunters, Troll Lords has a series of titles that are normally marked down to $1.99 - it includes some classic C&C adventures. They come out to be $1.39 on sale.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kickstarter - Dice Roll Dungeons — Instant Encounters for DND & Pathfinder

I'm on the fence about the Dice Roll Dungeons — Instant Encounters for DND & Pathfinder.

From what I gather, its fairly systemless, which makes it useful for OST systems too.

I'm just not quite sure what it is. A sample page would go far, but there isnt one.

Here's what it says it is:
Dice Roll Dungeons is a collection of 20 different encounter scenarios, designed to work with D&D, Pathfinder, or any other fantasy-based RPG! Dice Roll Dungeons turns the act of detailing your encounters into a game of dice; it provides a fun and easy framework for your encounters, so you can generate ideas instantly and pick and choose from all of your favourite results!

You start by gathering your favourite set of dice and rolling your trusty d20! The result of your twenty-sided dice roll will give you your DUNGEON SETTING, corresponding to what you rolled. From there, you flip to the chapter of the book that coincides with your result, and you will be given an overview of the location, lore about the dungeon itself, and other interesting sidenotes about potential hazards and inhabitants. After that, you can further customize the dungeon by rolling other dice on ADVENTURE HOOKS, the BOSS FIGHT of the dungeon, a variety of ENEMIES and DANGERS, and, of course, totally customized TREASURE! 
So, I know what it says but it doesn't really says what it is. Eh, maybe I'm overthinking it.

Buy in is 8 bucks American. I'll see where it goes. Print options are forthcoming. Its funded with nearly 500 backers. 

Kickstarter - Dungeon Delve #1: Tower of the Black Sorcerers (OSR Adventure)

I'm pretty big on backing OSR themed Kickstarters. I like to back the community I'm a part of and want to see creators, new and old succeed. The Dungeon Delve #1: Tower of the Black Sorcerers looks to be an excellent OSR Kickstarter, with a bunch of pluses and a huge potential warning sign.

Let me explain.


  • The art team is amazing: Bradley K. McDevitt, Ryan Jack Allred, Matthew Ray, and Russ Nicholson
  • Removable cardstock cover printed in color.
  • A cut-away map of the tower, a map of the tower levels, and a dungeon map printed in classic dungeon blue in the inside cover.
  • Its written for 1e
  • Its written, edited, laid out and all art is accounted for.
  • Shipping for the physical copy is apparently included in the $20 price. Looks to ship anywhere. Enough international backers can make this a monetary loss. 
Its funded and I'm currently in for 20 bucks.

Edit: "Tower of the Black Sorcerers" is an adventure for 5 to 7 characters of intermediate levels 5 to 8. "

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tavern Chat Tonight - 9 PM Eastern - How Should we Celebrate Swords & Wizardry Continual Light going Silver? :)

Today is Wednesday and that means Tonight is Tavern Chat at 9 PM Eastern. Voice Chat. Text Chat. Chat chat :)

As a side note, I noticed earlier today that Swords & Wizardry Continual Light (currently on sale for $1.88 in PDF) hit Silver status on RPGNow. My God, but this is both amazing and humbling. Hopefully we can continue the success with later releases. What shall we do to celebrate?

Here's the link for tonight's Tavern Chat:


New Year, New Game Sale at RPGNow

I've been remiss in mentioning there is a New Year, New Game Sale running at RPGNow. Its 25 % off thousands of titles in PDF, including Swords & Wizardry Continual Light ($1.88 for the next 4 days)

There is a surprising amount of OSR related releases on sale and I'll try and cover a few in the next day or so.

Personally, I find the NYNG Call of Cthulhu 7E Bundle a very tempting pick, and I already have the core books in print. Quite simply a shit-ton of horror gaming for your 40 bucks (not cheap at all, but still tempting). The Conan bundle is tempting, but I backed the Kickstarter, so I think I have (or should have) all included.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

10 Copies of the 2018 Baby Bestiary up for Grabs

Enter to win a copy of the 2018 Baby Bestiary Calendar with artwork by Travis Hanson. 10 copies in the mix.


use the following links

Twitter announcement link

Link to Giveaway

Facebook Link

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220Total Entries
31Hours Left


10 people will win a Baby Bestiary Calendar,
2 of which will also win the Baby Bestiary Collectors Edition (containing Volumes 1 & 2 of the Baby Bestiary)

#ConManKen - Kenny Takes the Show to Facebook Live - Hilarity Ensues followed by Threats of Indictment

Because I didn't have an easy way to replace him with a pile of shit
Ah, sweet #ConManKen. Never at a loss to make folks laugh. See, Kenny took to Facebook Live for a live sale yesterday and my, the laughs were flying. And yes Kenny, folks were laughing AT you.

Now, it WAS authentic Kenny as you will see from the following shots taken by one of The Taverners" of the scroll at the bottom of the feed:

Some folks went s far as commenting about Ken's Kickstarters that he's failed to deliver, failed to update - fuck it, he's basically a failure.

Then Kenny complained about the Trolls - he started deleting posts and blocking people:

This is the post that got James banned: "Will unsold product be available as a Stretch Goal reward in future Kickstarter projects?"

He also made the statement that those trolling were in violation of Kentucky Law for causing a loss of business and it was a Class D Felony. I couldnt find the relevant law.

The following does, however, seem potentially relevant:

KRS 517.120 Operating a sham or front company

Kenny, can you quote us the law you are threatening folks with in the above format? It may help.

Because folks want to know which law you are threatening them with via PMs:

Turn you over and pour you out...

Kenny, where's my FBI Agents? I've had tea and coffee cake ready for them for 15 months and they never came. What was the federal law that I was violating again?

#ConManKen , if he wasn't so full of shit, he wouldnt be Ken...