Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Recommend Me a Setting For My "Bringing the Old Band Back Together" Swords & Wizardry Campaign

This past Sunday was the first session of the "Bringing the Old Band Back Together" Swords & Wizardry Campaign, dubbed such by one of the original group members that won't be able to join us on a regular basis (but I am hoping to have him join us on an "irregular" basis).

I'm figuring the first few sessions will be a bunch of short, unattached dungeon crawls so everyone can get their feet wet, but after that, I suspect they'll be looking to explore the world a bit.

So, I need a world. Or at least part of a world.

Free or not doesn't matter (but free that I haven't come across yet may get highlighted as a "Free RPG Product of the week on this blog).

So, toss tome ideas at me and lets see which ones have the potential to stick...


  1. Go total Point of Light, and make it up as they explore using random generators.

  2. Planning a new campaign myself.

    I always start with Keep on the Borderlands. From there, you can branch where ever. ;)

    I've had Waterdeep and the North sitting on the shelf unused for years and have wondered if it could support a campaign.

    Another setting I have followed, no surprise, is The above mentioned Keep, onto the Village of Hommlet, and then straight into the Temple of Elemental Evil. If you need more, well, that's the Greyhawk setting. It transfers easily to homebrew worlds which is how I use it.

    I also have on the shelf, Scourge of the Slavelords - A1-4, which I've never used.

    It's an interesting read and a very different start to adventure. Enough so that you might long for the old "So, you meet in a Tavern..." scenario ;)

    It's all nice and retro too..bwahahaha!


  3. I would say use the 10th Age but, since I am designing it myself, that would make me pretentious and spammy... so instead I'll cleverly half-hint and imply!

  4. B10 Knight's Dark Terror, is a brilliant B/X mini campaign. An interesting wilderness, a couple of towns several small dungeons and a decent plot if you want to use it. I have run it 3-4 times over the last 25 years, and enjoyed it every time. http://www.rpgnow.com/product/17119/B10-Night%27s-Dark-Terror-%28Basic%29?term=b10&it=1

  5. First I recommend Challenge of the Frog God, Dyson's effort here.


    It is described as targeting levels 3-6, so if they've been through a few dungeons that should be just right.

    I ran it for Fictive Hack and the players had a great time. It is a good bridge between "dungeon" and "wilderness" with a boardwalk in a swamp, connected to a couple towns.

    You can insert whatever megadungeon you want on the northern end, and update the legends accordingly.

    This setting puts off the "rest of the world" question a bit longer. =) In my setting it was on an island.

    Also, I have always been intrigued with using the setting detailed in the BX Expert book/Isle of Dread, but I never yet have.

  6. Blackmarsh is really nifty, and wide open to being expanded. The pdf version is free, and the print version is cheap. Plus, if you want to, it can hook up with some of the settings in the two Points of Light products.

  7. If you want to go all Gonzo, DCC's Castle Whiterock looks good.

  8. For hardcore classic OD&D style I rather like The Majestic Wilderlands: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/68864/The-Majestic-Wilderlands

    I've got the print version and it's pretty good. He also wrote the two Points of Light boosk Goodman published, which are both great hexcrawl campaigns.


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