Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainy Couple of Days in NYC

It's been a rainy couple of days in NYC. I'm not complaining, as it has kept the temperatures cooler, but it's been disrupting my ability to watch the kittens in my yard. Yep, a momma cat had kittens recently and had been moving them from yard to yard before settling on mine. Those kittens are adorable. Old enough to run around and get in trouble, one of the four has already been adopted by a neighbor (the first to start eating dried food, but I think they all are now). One orange tabby and two calicos are the three that are left.

My son wants a german Shepard, but seems receptive to getting a kitten instead. At 18 and making rumbles of joining the military, I think I'd rather he pick a kitten ;)

The rain has also prevented me from enjoying the yard to read my recent gaming acquisitions, but then again, the heat prior to the rain was also preventing me from enjoying the yard.


  1. The frequent rains here in Michigan have really cooled Detroit Metro down, but the resulting mosquitos are KILLING me. There is some new variant some people are calling a 'Tiger' mosquito (supposedly imported from Asia along with the knotweed and Zebra mussels) that will suck your blood in the middle of the day even if I am wearing insect repellant --- they don't care. I must be getting pretty allergic to their bites in my old age because I get welts and itch like the dickens. I've been trying to remember to drain and refill the birdbath and dog-dish and similar things, but, since I live right next to a swamp it probably doesn't make that much difference.

    You have a son old enough to join the military? Wow. How time catches up with us, huh? I sometimes wonder if I should have joined up --- some of my friends seem to have had some very interesting experiences and knowing all that military stuff will be useful in the coming zombie apocalypse--- but I don't think I was ever a good candidate. I'm pigeon-chested, eccentric and lazy --- plus I snore which would be a pain for the people who had to bunk with me. Do you not want him to get the dog because you know that you will be the one taking care of it if he joins up, or do you just not want your boy to join up?

  2. One point in favor of a dog: I don't think a cat scares away very many intruders! Then again, I don't think a cat will get you sued because it bit the letter carrier.
    Why does my dog hate the mail carrier so much?

  3. @limpey - yep, he's 18, so he's old enough to join - he's also currently taking an EMT course

    the kid and i already have a cat, 2 birds, 2 guinie pigs and the financee has a minature datschund. adding a cat if he winds up enlisting is less demanding then a large dog. besides, the kittens are cute as all hell.

    as for intruders - 15+ years and still going in law enforcement - I'm a bit more lethal to potential intruders then a large dog - and the small dog barks like a large one anyway ;)

  4. "financee"? Sounds about right, really, if my marriage is any indication....



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