Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hardware Upgrade in Progress (and another week without gaming)

I've moved from a PC / MacMini shared peripherals setup to an iMac that I'll be dual booting with windows. Haven't gotten around to BootCamping windows just yet. Still trying to get Apple to give me my free upgrade to Lion. Sigh.

Enough tech talk. I noticed something over the weekend. My son's core group of friends at the age of 18 closely mirror my core group of friends from that age (and with whom I remain friends with to this day). For us, it was AD&D and other RPG's that helped forge the bond. For this generation, it seems to be the XBox 360. Still, I have hope for them yet. They enjoy games like Fable and Oblivion and Fallout on the 360 - surely they may one day graduate to "true" RPGs ;)

It looks like the sometimes weekly OD&D chat game is on indefinite hold. I may need to find a game to fill the gap. It's a noticeable gap, as its the only game I've been playing in recently. A well.


  1. Funny how that works with the kids these days. Soon enough they'll start thinking about making their own adventures.

    And as far as the chat game, i've heard good things about D&D with Porn Stars' "Constantcon" webcam d&d games on GooglePlus. My computers are old and decrepit, so I've yet to try it out, but it's probably a viable alternative to fill that gap.

  2. I've heard the same, but I dont think anyone want to see the hairy 44 year old sitting shirtless i/f/o his computer as he tries to save on the AC bill ;)

    heh, i may have to put a shirt on at that...

  3. surely they may one day graduate to "true" RPGs ;)

    I think there is a very real hope for that if you catch them at the right time. My older nephews (mid 20s to early 30's) joined an adult group I ran for a year or two. My one note to self is that some MMORPG players often want uber characters and rapid advancement. Uber characters can be fun, but I think one loses interest in them pretty quickly.


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