Monday, August 15, 2011

Late Night Gaming Thoughts Are Like the Wind

As I lay in bed last nite, my mind was drifting back and forth between The Secret Fire and Adventurer Conqueror King. I am quite sure that my semi-conscious faculties were melding the the two into some sort of unholy conglomerate (then again, I've been consciously thinking of doing the same) when I thought of a dice resolution system for spell casting that must have also been stealing from the upcoming Dungeon Crawl Classics - as it's the only OSRish game I know that requires a dice roll for every casting of a spell.

With the exception of the knowledge that the outcome of the casting was decided by a roll of 2D6, all else is obscured by the mists of sleep. Seemed damn good and intuitive when I thought of it, that much I can remember. Details? Nope.

I used to keep a voice recorder next to my bed for such times. It appears I must do so again.


  1. "as it's the only OSRish game I know that requires a dice roll for every casting of a spell."

    Actually Dragonquest does, you have a percentage to successfully cast a spell, you also have to make a concentration check if someone breaks your concentration in the process of casting the spell.

  2. I stand corrected, Padre.

    I really do need to drag my Dragonquest book out of storage one of these days.


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