Thursday, July 14, 2011

Palladium Fantasy - Has It Ever Been RetroCloned?

I know Kevin protects his property more vigorously then a mamma bear, but I was wondering if anyone had ever RetroCloned Palladium's Fantasy RPG?

In theory, it shouldn't be too hard, as it is quite obviously built on the framework of D&D, and thus the OGL.

I am not looking to put another nail in the endless coffin known as Palladium Books, a company that rises and falls more often then the tides.  I enjoyed RIFTS for it's fluff, even if the rules were a horrid unbalanced mess, and that was my first taste of the Palladium system.  Palladium Fantasy I discovered later, and I found a lot to like.  Just wondering how well it would mesh with the OGL.  So Kevin, if you are reading this, it's just conjecture at this point.  A mental exercise.  No need for a Cease and Desist at this point.  Save the money.  ;)


  1. You, friend, are shaking hands with danger. ;)

  2. The full handle is Tenkar Calishun - Ten Car Collision - danger is my middle name ;)

  3. CEASE and DESIST! Oh wait, I rather like this idea! ; )

  4. I think you have a better chance of seeing God in a parking lot than pulling off a Palladium clone.

    I'm not sure WHY you'd want to, though. In the time when 2e started to bloat and before 3e came out, Palladium Fantasy was, actually, my favorite fantasy system. This was before I had played Warhammer FRP. Then 3e came out and had all of the things I liked about Palladium, just cleaner and more organized.

  5. eh, maybe I just need to retrofit some of the PC races from the Palladium RPG ;)

  6. It's not worth the effort. Use the game as is, or just run with the setting in another system. Palladium is close enough to D&D to be used with your D&D clone anyway.

  7. If you say his name too many times, he appears like Orcus


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