Monday, July 11, 2011

Do You Use Any Online Resources to Assist Running Your Campaign?

With the slow rollout of Google+, it got me thinking about the online sites that can be used to help run a campaign. There are forums, sites like Obsidian Portal, email, blogs... and a crap more that I can't even think of at the moment (but I am sure some of you will).

What do you use? Is it as useful as you had hoped? If not, why not?

Yep, another list I'll be putting together in the future I expect, and I'll need some help on this one ;)



  1. Blogs all over the place provide a constant flow of ideas, npcs and scenarios.

    I get a good bit of use out of the following tools:



  2. http://www.mithrilandmages.com/utilities/






  3. I use Obsidian Portal for keeping a record of sessions, and play a game on-line using Map Tools & Mumble; other than that most of my resources are bits of software on the computer. I've been using Hexographer a lot recently, for area maps.

  4. Obsidian Portal with the forums and calendar is a great resource for campaigns, especially supporting virtual tabletops.

  5. The blogs are inspirational, even if I don't play the same games.

    My group has a Google Group for organising weekly games, passing on game-related messages and the like, and when we play Pathfinder we often use the online SRD.

    Other than that, we don't use online tools much. We toyed with Obsidian Portal a couple of times, but it didn't really stick.

  6. I mainly use to blogs for creative idea not my own and Obsidian Portal for campaign stuff.

  7. I use Obsidian Portal and Fantasy Grounds II software for the games I run. Google+ may turn out to be a good work place for files and collaboration as a publisher. Though for that I just FTP to a file server and make use of Todoist and email for updating.


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