Saturday, July 30, 2011

Found "Emergency!" on Netflix on Demand

I grew up watching Emergency! on a 9" B&W TV.

Can't believe all 122 episodes are available on Netflix.

There has to be a RPG campaign that could be built around this and maybe Adam 12 ;)


  1. Alright!! That will be enough of making me feel old!

  2. Dude - I'm like 30 episodes in and loving it.

  3. Happy birthday! I went fishing once with Robert Fuller when I was a kid. Long story.

  4. Randolph Mantooth's brother was the custodian of my wife's middle school. That's all I've got. Good night now!

  5. I remember that show, Adam 12 and Sanford and Son. Emergency made me want to become a paramedic.

  6. Hard to believe there is not a game system out there for sitcoms and TV shows in general. Most of them have the similar plot sequences, plot lines and conventions. Hard to believe there is not GURPS TV Land book out there.

  7. Happy Birthday! Emergency! was my favorite show as a kid. Used to watch it back-to-back with Adam 12. What a blast of nostalgia!


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