Friday, July 29, 2011

Trollin' For Trolls

I'm beginning to realize I haven't played any T&T lately.  When Scott from Huge Ruined Pile was running it every other week, I kinda got my T&T fix in (even if there were sessions that not a single die was rolled - still damn fun).

We've moved on to a house ruled OD&D game, which i expect will be just as much fun, if not more, but I do feel the lack of T&T in my (sparse) gaming diet.  I may need to break out a solo or two over the weekend.

The TrollGod has made reference in passing to HeWhOwIlLnOtBeNamed (now to be known as HWWNBN) in emails in the past few months.  It seems that much of the initial anger is gone.  HWWNBN still puts out 2 Tunnels & Trolls fanzines which are a good value for your T&T dollar if you can track them down.  They are no longer on the Verbotten list it seems.

Oh, this seems to be a "coulda woulda shoulda might been" cover for a true Tunnels & Trolls 6e rulebook.  I really like this piece of art.

edit:  Dan has pointed out that apparently issues with HWWNBN have reverted to the old ways of taking folks stuff and publishing it  w/o permission.  Ken speaks of it on the Trollhalla Walla, but I missed it as the Walla is a really unintuitive and awkward way to impart information if you don't read it constantly. 


  1. Are those print zines by any chance. You know I'm a sucker for that kind of thing.

  2. That is untrue unfortunately. The same problems are still there; they are becoming worse in fact. He is still stealing material without permission and in many cases pirating copyrighted work. Much of the material in his fanzines is published without the permission of the authors. His fanzines are full of stolen articles and art; material that is not his to sell or make a profit from. This include material published by Flying Buffalo in Sorcerer's Apprentice. He also continues to sell books published by Flying Buffalo and other publishers that he has scanned and reprinted. Does that sound legal or ethical?

    If you are looking for new Tunnels and Trolls material I recommend that you go to the sources:

    Flying Buffalo
    Peryton Press
    Tavernmaster Games
    Hobgoblins Tavern
    Lone Delver Games

    All of these have stores at RPGnow and Lulu. In all cases you can get them for less money from the author than through him.

    You should also check out the excellent website TunnelsandTrolls.com for more information on buying an abundance of T&T material directly from the author.

    As always you can check my blog, The Lone Delver for 20+ links to online and print solo adventures that are made available by the authors or publishers.

    Want more? There's always the fanzine TrollsZine which has three current issues and a fourth forthcoming. These are composed entirely of contributed material. Check the Flying Buffalo store at RPGnow. They're also free.

    Sorry to go off on a rant here, but he is currently stealing my work as well so this is a personal and professional subject.


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