Monday, July 25, 2011

Man Cave Corner

We often joke about the "Man Cave", but we (meaning men) like to have one. Why? Because usually the rest of the house in controlled by the woman. The German mirrored beer shields and cavalry sword are NOT being displayed in most living rooms. Thus, the need for a man cave.

I'll be getting the better part of a room as my office / workout / man cave. Which is cool. I'll have a place to display my beer memorabilia, a small selection of my games, my miniatures, my signed art prints and other assorted stuff. The rest of the house will have dolphins, seashells and an assortment of nicknacks. The lady gets to decorate everything but my man corner, and that's OK.

I'm just glad I secured my little corner ;)


  1. Sounds like our house as well. I have my gamesroom and my wife has the rest of the house. It's a great working relationship ;)

  2. I would say that is a fair assessment of how many households work. Many men have the garage as their working man cave, some are fortunate enough to have a room in the house. My bedroom is my man-cave along with a closet down the hallway to hold all my gaming stuff.

  3. heh... pictures will have to wait... putting the new flooring in the man cave room next weekend, then installing a new closet... and then turning it into storage for everything in my kitchen that i have to remove for the contractors to renovate there.

    only then will it be turned into a true man cave ;)

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