Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WotC To Support Older Editions? It Will Cost a DDI Sub To Find Out

According to this thread on ENWorld, an article in the latest Dungeon Magazine (loose definition of magazine, but whatever) talks about adapting a 3E adventure, "The Lich Queen's Beloved" not just to 4E, but to AD&D 1E and 2E.

Much as I'd like to think this will be an ongoing theme, I doubt it.  I can't vouch for the article itself, as I have no intention of paying 10 bucks for the privilege of reading the single article I might be interested in.

Still, I find it interesting that they would even consider publishing an article dealing with anything other then the rule system they are currently publishing.  Would have made more sense to have this article available to non-paying subscribers, to bring those that might not normally check out the whole DDI thing to the WotC site.

Eh, time will tell.


  1. It's for four 18th level 3E characters. Regular PC types or heroic Gothyankies.

    There's all sorts of different ways to play 1e. This isn't one that I'm into... but maybe someone else is.

  2. Ack! Brings back memories of the Bloodstone series. At a certain level, the game just breaks down

  3. You just don't understand the brilliance of this move, Tenkar. That's why it seems strange to you.

  4. Enlighten me, oh he of endless creative juices, boundless energy and youth ;)

    WotC seems to be running in circles with scissors these days if u ask me.

    Maybe I'm too damn old to understand.

    Get off my lawn ya damn kids!


  5. Are they testing the waters? Maybe seeing if there is any interest in this kind of product, they would produce more?

    Is this an attempt to tap into a conceived booming retro-clone market?

    Or is it as Admiral Ackbar would say,"It's a TRAP!"?


  6. I keep looking at the calendar to see if it's April 1st.

  7. I don't think such things CAN be explained to lowly folk like yourself Tenkar. It's best that you just sit in awe of their brilliance and move forward.

  8. Apparently the WotC Virtual Table Top (DDi content) has options to list your campaign as AD&D 1e, AD&D 2e, D&D 3e, D&D 3.5e, or D&D 4e.

  9. Very concerned that the 'support' will include enough data to keep refreshing copyright/trademarks.

    TSR material is never going to be allowed to pass into legal obscurity.

  10. Why are you concerned about that? What is it you wanted to see happen / do?

  11. Scottz: "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" has already passed into the "dead" category as far as the US Patent & Trademark office is concerned.


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