Friday, June 10, 2011

Coming Off the DCC High

Now that I've had a chance to read thru most of the Dungeon Crawl Classics Beta RPG Release, I find it is neither as as great as I had hoped, nor as bad as I feared.

I still have issues with the 0-Level mob of starter characters, as it reminds me of the Paranoia (1st Ed) RPG's use of disposable clones. But, as I read later, there are rules for starting characters at level 1, or even higher (up to level 3). Clone-mob may be fun once or twice, but after that, the novelty (and the joke) will wear off.

I like the use of skills based upon previous (pre adventuring) training. We used something vaguely similar back when I ran AD&D 1e games.

Spells. I'd have to see this in play, although some high roll spell effects are great, they won't come into play much with certain spells, as the hight roll benefits will only benefit if you cast the spell assuming you'd get that benefit. Okay, that was confusing. In any case, some of the spell charts could default to one basic spell chart, which would lessen the need to constantly look crap up.

Criticals. Is it just me, or did others have a RoleMaster flashback? Personally, I've seen criticals do more harm then good, as sooner or later a crit is going to take PC out.

Dice. I have 'em. I foolishly ordered a set in the same color. The d24 and d20 look damn close, as do the d14, d16 and the d10s. Sigh.

I'll play a game or two of DCC (I better, I preordered), but I haven't fallen in love with it. It may be good for a one nite stand. Heck, it may even look better with beer goggles ;)


  1. Criticals make combat risky, even for the talented. It becomes an event to be avoided if at all possible. This dynamic is why I like dangerous criticals. If you draw that blade you better be prepared to go to the grave.

  2. Sometimes I come off highs, too. I get all messed up on NyQuil when I have a cold and write all these crazy game ideas. Man, my pen is just flowin'. Then I look over my notes the next day and I'll written is "ngah berk berk ngah!"

    I have no idea what that's all about.

  3. Christian - that's only the Yellow King telling you the secrets of wealth, power, and the universe.... he just forgets to teach you the language.


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