Friday, February 4, 2011

Tech Tip Time - Blogging From Your iPad

Short and sweet. I've tried many different apps to find the perfect one for blogging with from my iPad. There isn't one apparently.

That being said, Glogr is actually pretty decent. I haven't tried to use it to insert pictures, but for hyperlinking and basic blogging it does the job well.

It also allows for labels or tagging of the blog post, which other blogging apps that I tried didn't (or didn't do it well).

All in all, a decent app for blogging from your iPad.


  1. I don't even have a mobile phone, let alone an iPad. However, I do have a rockin' big-ass fridge named Ethel.

    Enjoy your weekend, Tenkar.

  2. No mobile for me, either, though maybe by this fall that will change. And maybe by then there will be better blogging apps. . . .


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