Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Knocking on the Centurion's Door

I can't believe the Tavern has 99 followers.  I'm overwhelmed by the whole idea that folks out there find the crap I spew worthwhile on occasions ;)

In any case, thanks to everyone that reads this blog and will read it in the future.  It's constantly evolving, which may at some point mean it isn't what you signed up for initially, but I hope it remains interesting for everyone none the less.

Tomorrow will be the last day for entries to the WTF Where They Thinking!?! Contest.  Thursday I'll put a poll up so all can vote on their favorite.  Just 3 entries so far, and if we hit 5 or more, I'll award prize packages to the top two voted entries (1 prize package in the mix now).   Come on, you know you have something to add ;)

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