Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tip Toe, Thru the Tunnels, Thru the Tunnels & Trolls

I'm sure all the T&T stuff is annoying the serious grognards out there.  Look guys, I'm sorry.  Really.  I'm trying to get this addiction under control.  Seriously.


I tried to collect OD&D stuff, but there is no way to get a complete collection in decent shape at an affordable price.  It just doesn't happen.  I have copies of most of what I want, and the rest will be forever out of my range.  Besides, if I wanted a complete collection of everything published by TSR thru AD&D 1e (the EGG years), I'd need to devote a whole closet to it.  It's not going to happen.  Not if I want to live "Happily Ever After."  The family will kill me. ;)


Tunnels & Trolls is a finite collection.  24 solos (with way too many printings for it to be worth a damn), 7ish editions, and handful of GM adventures, Corgi editions, the Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes spinoff - this is a finite collection.  Besides, 24 solos gives me lots of ways to fill in that "alone time".  Wait, that doesn't sound right.

That means I will still be reviewing T&T stuff (The Delver's Pack and MS&PE are probably the next in the hopper) just as I will be covering the general Old School stuff for the clones and the Indi games that I find interesting.  Heck, Greg He Who Knows Boundless Energies and Creative Juices is working on something that I expect to be Old Schoolish, Newish and Indi-like.

It's a good time to be a gamer, I just found an often overlooked corner with Tunnels & Trolls.  It's far from the only corner, and have no fears, my Bullseye Lantern does a fine job of illuminating those corners. ;)


  1. Post on, man!

    Enjoy your T&T journey. :)

  2. Count another vote for more Tunnels and Trolls posts.

    Also, a question: do you feel that having a 'finite collection' of products is attractive as a game consumer?

    Specifically, is this something that has been overlooked by independent publishers - do you feel a customer would have more confidence in a new product if the publisher announced in advance exactly what to expect from them...

  3. There's plenty of blogs, etc. about old school games like D&D. Not nearly enough T&T stuff. Blog away! I wouldn't worry about annoying the grognards.

  4. I'm enjoying the T&T posts too! I don't mind commentary on OD&D, and I'm keen on both indie and old school games too-- but T&T is a deceptively simple game that delivers a fast and flexible play experience.

  5. Holy crap! Thanks for the T&T vote of confidence. I'll try and live up to it.

    Scott, finite only matters to me if i'm treating it as a collection type of hobby. Collecting coins and stamps is boring, collecting RPGs is way more fun ;)

  6. "He Who Knows Boundless Energies and Creative Juices"


    As a reward for giving me this title, I will give you a concept outline of this solution I am dangling before you. Sometime tomorrow if I can get my shit together.

    As always, it has to stay under your cap for a bit.

  7. HEY!!!!

    I am in the tavern sign at the top of the blog now. Yeah me!

  8. Post away. Plenty of D&D blogs, as has already been mentioned. Be the TnT blog. Or not.

    It's your blog. If you're not happy with it, we're out of luck.

  9. I think there are like 10 actual grognards left in the wild and they don't tend to read blogs at all, much less FRPG blogs. They're still playing Napoleonics or Tractics or whatever, not navel-gazing over retroclones.

    I try to find excuses to post about the virtues of T&T when I can, and would love to read more of other folks' thoughts about it.

  10. Blog away on T&T. It gives different insight into similar games people play.

  11. Annoying D & D fanatics is like a sport for me. Glad to have some help on the team. If you can show any proof that any D & D'ers are actually annoyed by your posts, I'll give you tvp for it. :)

    And as for T & T being a finite collectible--it is, everything is, but I think you'll find as you get into it, that there is way more T & T material than you thought, and that some of it is really hard to get. (a real 1st edition of the game, for example).

  12. Thanks everyone!

    More T&T coming up ;)

  13. Looking forward to your thoughts on MSPE.


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