Friday, September 24, 2010

Sometimes the Best Review is No Review at All

Over the last 6 days I've been eligible to review one Gmail screen-plus worth of products from RPGNow.  I may have peeked at a dozen or so on the web, and actually grabbed 2 or 3 for later reading / reviewing.  So what about the rest?

They way I see it, if there is no chance that I will EVER use the product in any way, shape or form, I'm probably better off not snagging a copy.  Pathfinder stuff falls into that category, except for the modules, as they are easily converted and I still speak the language, if not the dialect.

4e stuff is out.  A pain to convert to anything that resembles OSR.  Ah well.

Most things that give out the "overpriced vibe" unless they look fricken awesome.  I'd hate to grab a reviewer copy of something that I suspect is over priced and find out that I was right.  Besides, I suspect reviewer copies are counted in the sales levels / awards (this is a guess only), and I don't want to boost the numbers of an item I expect to not justify its price in my eyes.

Most adventures for games I don't own the rules to.  There are exceptions.  Sometimes an adventure / module look so damn intriguing I'll buy the rulebook just to enjoy the adventure.

Foreign language products.  If it isn't in English, I won't touch it.  German language products are tempting, to see how far my college German can take me, but I suspect after the first page I'll give up ;)

Diorama products, as I have no space to display anything that I might actually produce from it.

So yes, I leave about 95% of what I am eligible to grab just where it is... but I'm getting fairly good at ensuring the other 5% is worthwhile, which ain't that bad ;)


  1. I am so tempted by some of the 3D terrain. I just lack the skills to properly assemble it and as you mentioned, storage would be an issue.

    I need a man cave or something to properly store my stuff!

  2. I might try to assign myself some Man Cave space with upcoming renovations, assuming the fiance allows me to... heh

  3. Hey, when did the girlfriend get upgraded to fiance? Congrats!

  4. We crossed that line in the sand without realizing ( well, my son realized as he has been busting my ass to get a ring... Heh). We both mutually realized " holy shit, I'm marrying you and it's awesome." kinda like a mutual proposal, without the proposal - we both already knew the answers ;)

  5. I love happy endings, or should I say beginnings. Congratulations.


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