Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bits N' Pieces as the Week Winds Up

Anyone know of any decet blogging software for the Mac?  I'm using Quamana at the moment, and while it isnt bad, it isnt the best I'm sure.  Figure I'd throw that at my fellow bloggers for some input.

I'm going to work on a quick iPad, Kindle, Kindle DX comparison postfrom personal experience.  Depending on what you are looking to get out of your device, each has its own, well served, niche.

Going to a beer tasting on Saturday, and thanks to my brother in law who is in the industry I'm going for free.  Only thing better then microbrew beer?  Free microbrew beer ;)  Maybe I better not post directly after returning from the event... heh

Oh, and my Detective is officially promoted to Sergeant tomorrow.  Congrats Maria!  Now that you are out of my office maybe you can stop dissin' on my blogging ;)

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