Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Classic Glorantha in PDF

I was notified last night that some of the classic Runequest Glorantha products were hitting the virtual shelves at RPGNow. Pavis and Big Rubble are one set and I grabbed this right away. I have the old Chaosium boxed sets for these packed away, and they are a big reason that Runequest was my other fantasy RPG when I was in college (AD&D was number 1). These were some of the best sandbox styled products of all time. And now I have them in PDF... From quick look these are either amazing scans or re typeset from the originals.

I never had Griffin Mountain, just Avalon Hill's Griffin Island for RQ3. They have GM and a few others in PDF now too. Sorry, it's like gaming gold to me. I'm very excited. More when I get a closer look.

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  1. Are these the Glorantha Classics line: V1 Pavis & Big Rubble, V2 Griffin Mountain, V3 Cult Compendium, and V4 Borderland & Beyond, or something else?

  2. nope, thats the stuff. i would have been clearer, but posting from the ipad means no multi-taskiing (yet) so i was going from memory... and fan boy excitedness ;)

    I'll clear it up a bit in a later post as I gush more. i miss the nice maps from the boxed sets tho :(


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