Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

( Don't forget to add your post to the Tell us About Your Favorite BBEG thread.  One lucky poster gets a free PDF copy of Dragon Warriors courtesy of RPGNow - post before 6pm Eastern Time July 11, 2010 to be counted)

So far today I have played some Star Trek Online, read the latest Knights of the Dinner Table, surfed the web, played with the iPad... I've really missed the Do Nothing of Importance type of Saturday.  I think I need to schedule these more often ;)

Oh, and we are getting some rain here in NYC.  Woot!  About friggin time.

Anyhow, when I motivate my lazy ass I'll put up the next installment of the Quick Start collection.  I expect that should be sometime this evening.

K, back to blowing shit up in STO.

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