Monday, July 5, 2010

Beating the Heat

My A/C does about a 10 degree temperature change from the outside, so 102 on my back porch in the shade converted to 90 degrees inside... not fun.

Still, I got to watch American Pickers on the History Channel for the first time, and it's pretty cool watching them go thru other peoples stuff.  It's almost like going to a garage or yard sale, but the junk is better on TV.  I'd love to see them run across a classic sci-fi / fantasy collection, or, god forbid, some gaming material.  I can always hop... heh

Started reading Classic Fantasy for Basic Roleplaying.  It's kinda like AD&D meets Runequest.  I'll give more feedback when I get further.  Besides, it's splitting time with Obsidian Twilight on my iPad ;)

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