Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Was a Teenage Gamer

Hey, I made the big time! ;)

Anyhow, last nite my son (soon to be 17... oh those teenage years) was looking over my shoulder as I was blogging / reading blogs. He says to me "people are still playing those games?" and later asked "how many people play those games?". These questions are leaps and bounds past the usual "You call Fantasy Grounds graphical?"

That and he's looking to read novels based on the TV series The Unit. My kid HATES reading. I think I might turn him in to a gamer yet. At least, he's thinking about it... in that of so frustrating teenage way. Me, I was so taken in my Lord of the Rings I was ready to get my gaming feet wet in 8th grade.

In the meantime we still have Star Trek Online together... and he's outleveling my ass in that game.. god bless him ;) Oh, and its very graphical... heh


  1. Well, even if he never picks up the dice at least you guys get to blow stuff up via Star Trek. :)

  2. We've been gaming together via MMORPGs since EQ2. It aint cheap, but he's my boy.

    If I can get him into pen n paper rpgs i'll be skating for free ;)

  3. Man, it is wierd to think of being 17, and up until I thought about it just now it didn't seem like that long ago I was 17.

    Time is a funny thing.


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