Thursday, April 1, 2010

Are You a Fan... zine?

It seems like this little thing collectively known as the Old School Renaissance (wow, spelled that w/o the spell checker)has spawned another fanzine. We have two print / PDF magazines so far (Fight On! and Knockspell) and two PDF only magazines / fanzines. OD&DITIES is a fairly recent resurrection and bang for the buck has been good so far. Really, at 2 bucks an issue its hard to go wrong.

The newest addition is Oubliette. Again, bang for your 2 bucks is pretty good. My personal highlight? Subdual rules for LL. My low? The gobbie themed adventure. Sorry, too far from the norm for me to take to it.

4e has one print mag, and its not even from WotC.

Long live the OSR ;)


  1. In the old days we used to assemble our fanzines by hand using paper and scissors and tape and glue, and we mimeographed or photocopied them on the sly. And then we walked up hill both ways to the FLGS to give them away for free. And then we walked back home, up hill. And we LIKED it.

  2. Yep, my gaming club in college did that just before I joined. I think the last 2 issues were semi-pro.. that killed the whole endeavor ;)

  3. Thanks for the Oubliette plug. The adventure in issue 2 should be more traditional in style. I'll put out some preview details towards the end of March.

  4. When I say end of March I do of course mean April. Issue 2 will be out first week of May.

  5. Very much looking forward to it.


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